Get ready for Masters!

Attention all Rail Nation players!

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge? A new round of Rail Nation Masters is coming at the end of summer and it’s set to be the biggest and most exciting competition of the year!

Masters will bring together the best of the best from Rail Nation, on one game world, to compete against each other in an epic battle of strategy, skill and determination.


This year, there will be no ‘Rising Stars’, no qualification rounds and no ‘Clash!’. The only thing that counts is if you have 2 or more stars!

That’s right, this is the big leagues and only the best players from around the world will be able to take part. Get ready to put your skills to the test and compete against the greatest Rail Nation players on the planet.


The Masters Game World is planned to go live at the end of summer in August, so start preparing now! Make sure your engines are in top shape, your strategies are finely tuned, and your team is ready for anything.

And most importantly, make sure you get that second star if you don’t have it yet!


This is your chance to make history and become a true legend in the world of Rail Nation. So, mark your calendars, grab your second star in any of the game rounds that are taking place (and ending) before Masters starts and get ready to take on the best of the best!


We can’t wait to see you compete!

Your Rail Nation Team