Update 4.13: Performance, Association Window, Balancing and More

Dear players,

We already mentioned Update 4.13 and the associated changes in the first part of Rail Nation Route 2019. Given the fact that it’s a relatively big update containing tonnes of improvements that we’re looking forward to, we’d like to take a closer look at it all.

Performance improvements and bugfixes

Performance improvements are a particular highlight in this update. In the first Rail Nation Route, we introduced you to the clearly noticeable improvements to the engine and waggon lists. Scrolling through the lists is now much smoother, the frame rate is higher and the load on working memory has been reduced considerably. Plus, the user interface of the waggon list has been overhauled, resulting in even better performance.

But we didn’t just stop there! We kept ourselves busy and closely examined how the map display affects performance. We thus came up with the change of loading elements on the map only once they’re located in the visible area. This conserves working memory and improves performance even more.

And of course, this update also contains another load of bugfixes. This time, there are a whopping 65 in total! In addition to numerous odds and ends, the problems when deleting association threads or responding to private messages have been resolved.

New association window

Cooperation and teamwork are extremely important factors in Rail Nation – and so, too, are the associations. We’ve therefore completely revised the association window so that key information is more visible and accessible with fewer clicks. Besides a range of minor improvements, the new feature for automatically accepting new members will arrive on game worlds that start after the update. Associations are thus better able to fill their ranks, and new players can find a home more quickly. What’s more, it’s now easier to apply to associations or switch associations, where necessary.

You can find all the details about the new association window HERE in the forum.

Balancing changes

We’ve been attentively following the forums and reading your comments. After analysing the data and extensive discussions, we’ve now implemented some changes to the game’s balancing. You can read about it in detail HERE in the first Rail Nation Route blog post.

Moreover, we’ve taken your feedback on board and fundamentally overhauled the trainspotters. They now appear more rarely, but their rewards are much greater – keeping the overall rewards about the same while limiting the search for trainspotters. Another cause of frustration for many of you was often having to wait far too long for individual trainspotters. This problem’s now a thing of the past, as we’ve not only increased the probability of rare trainspotters appearing, but also added a system that prevents you from not finding any new trainspotters for too long.

Game improvements

This update also contains improvements that don’t quite fit in the other categories. They’re not bugfixes, but we can’t really call them completely new features or balancing changes either. But who needs categories anyway? Update 4.13 includes the following extra improvements (most of which are only for new game worlds!):

  • All prizes in the lottery are now visible;  this means you can also see prizes that are not yet available, and their level requirements are also visible (immediately after the update).
  • In order to enable you to plan better, it’s now possible to see the next six (instead of two) workers who can be purchased at auction (for new game worlds).
  • Players with very little prestige are now no longer considered for city consumption and landmarks (immediately after the update).
  • The costs of upgrading the association headquarters have been reduced by around a half (for new game worlds).
  • If a prize in the lottery can no longer be won because the limit has been reached (e. g. 30 days of Plus Account), much higher amounts of money will now be paid out on average than before (immediately after the update).
  • The start bonus for players who begin in later eras has been increased (for new game worlds).


You can find more information, e. g. when each server will get the update, here in the forum.

We’re delighted to be able to finally release this update for you all and we wish you lots of fun with this improved version of Rail Nation.

Your RN Team