Dear players,

We are happy to present you with the 4th Product Care Update! Hold on to your conductor’s hat as we welcome a new trainspotter to the game! Lucky high-level lottery players will be happy to read that we have re-introduced instant building vouchers to lottery level 5. In addition, we have prepared some visual improvements and options to adjust visuals for those whose eyes water in the airstream and have carefully rebalanced the rewards of the restaurant and the shopping centre.

We have also dedicated a reasonable amount of time to fixing a handful of bugs that many of you reported.

We hope you enjoy all the improvements and wish you happy playing!

Below you’ll find the detailed changelog in the corresponding tabs.

  • ArxyAngel's trainspotter portrait has been added to the game, and the trainspotter family is happy to have them!
  • The contrast for specific areas like the chat or the video timers has been improved to make the game easier to read and play.
  • Some new display options have been added to disable specific visuals in the game. It's now possible to disable the visuals for darkened areas that are not connected as well as competition displays, and to show industries as icons.
  • Instant building vouchers have been added back to the reward selection of the highest lottery level (5), so players with a lot of prestige still get the chance to win them. Moreover, it is no longer possible to win additional instant building vouchers in the lottery if you own a minimum of three such vouchers already. This only applies to new game rounds.
  • The rewards for the restaurant and the shopping centre have been rebalanced. The amount of money you could receive has been lowered, and the amount of attainable prestige has been increased. This only applies to new game rounds.
  • For your convenience, some changes and improvements have been made to better display consumer protection.
  • Some players might notice that they have a few more videos available to watch. The number of videos that can be watched per day has not changed.
  • ASSOCIATION: The applicants' indicator is now easier to read if the association is full.
  • ASSOCIATION: The workers are displayed correctly again on other associations' screens.
  • ASSOCIATION: The functionality to automatically accept new applicants is now saved correctly when creating an association.
  • LANGUAGE: English (UK) is now also displayed as "English" for German and English (UK) in the language selection in the game.
  • LOBBY: Some special characters that would not previously be displayed are now displayed correctly in the blog header in the lobby.
  • MAP: The association crest no longer gets bigger when you move your mouse over it repeatedly.
  • MESSENGER: Messenger notifications from the last player you were watching in "watch other players" mode should no longer be visible.
  • POWER BONUS: Engine boosts show the correct speed (km/h) in the tooltip again.
  • POWER BONUS: The timetable calculator (Plus feature) now correctly includes the 25% "lucrative" power bonus.
  • POWER BONUS: The Magnus trains now disappear from the train list after the bonus timer ends.
  • POWER BONUS: The Magnus train statistics now show correctly in the info tool-tip during the endgame.
  • REPORT PLAYER: The link to the guidelines on how to report a player will now direct to the correct pages for all languages.
  • SCHEDULE: When multiple cities are connected, the option buttons will no longer overlap.
  • SCHEDULE: Entering schedule mode in the station view will now switch to the map automatically again so it is possible to set train routes.
  • SOE: The names of the mayor and the city councils are visible again.
  • TUTORIAL: The pop-up screen between tutorials will now only appear when all the prior tasks are completed.
  • VIDEO: The overlapping text and elements for videos in the station view have been separated.
  • WORKER: Fixed an issue in which 1 hour was written in plural instead of singular (1 hours = 1 hour).
  • MOBILE: Already activated accounts should not be prompted to activate again. Since this was an issue that happened randomly and not to everyone, we kindly ask that you give us some feedback on the topic if you have been affected by this bug.
  • MOBILE: The lottery level and its rewards are now displayed correctly.
  • MOBILE: Player titles are displayed again in the player lists.
  • MOBILE: The order of content has been rearranged in the legendary offer info screen.
  • MOBILE: When opening the shop, the missing graphics and misalignment on the intro screen for Premium Surveys are now displayed correctly.
  • MOBILE: The shop is now displayed correctly when clicking "Discover now" in the intro pop-up for Premium Surveys.
  • MOBILE: Selecting the schedule tab in the train details will no longer crash the game.
  • MOBILE: The game will no longer crash after finishing a Premium Survey and trying to reopen the shop.
  • MOBILE: The game will no longer crash when closing the ranking screen while it is still loading.
  • MOBILE: The game will no longer crash when switching to the next train in the schedule tab of the train details.
  • MOBILE: The game will no longer crash when switching between different eras in the tech tree.
  • MOBILE: The game will no longer crash when switching from the loading finances screen to the shop.
  • MOBILE: The game will no longer crash when using the private chat invitation.